EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless sensor technology collects energy out of air. The energy existing in our environment, for example kinetic motion, pressure, light, differences in temperature, is converted into energy for wireless communication. Combining miniaturized energy harvesters and ultra-low power wireless technology creates maintenance-free sensor solutions for use in buildings, smart home and industrial applications as well as for the Internet of Things.

Building Automation

Self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls cut installation cost and time, and enable efficient use of energy.

Smart Home

EnOcean makes a smart home smarter by increasing comfort and security.

Wireless LED Control

The Wireless LED controls standard with energy harvesting wireless switches & sensors, controllers and tools.

Outdoor environmental monitoring

Self-powered wireless long-range sensor system for outdoor environmental monitoring for the Japanese market.


Energy harvesting wireless sensor nodes for industrial applications.

EnOcean - for a wireless and self-powered Internet of Things

Partnerships for the IoT

The EnOcean Alliance partners with AllSeen Alliance, Open Interconnect Consortium, EEBus Iniative and OSGi Alliance to realize seamless, standard-crossing communication in the IoT.