EnOcean-based devices can flexibly be placed wherever they deliver most accurate data. This results in significant energy savings at low installation cost – up to 40 percent.

Energy harvesting wireless sensor networks from EnOcean are the key to "intelligent green buildings"

  • Building automation reduces energy consumption and operating costs.Furthermore, it increases security and comfort.
  • Wireless technology is essential to a flexible, efficient building automation at minimized installation time and system cost.
  • Battery-less devices eliminate the need to monitor, replace and dispose of batteries. This saves maintenance cost and resources, particularly in large systems.

The only Energy Harvesting Wireless Standard for Building Automation

Benefits at a glance

  • Energy savings
  • Flexible applications
  • Time-savings
  • Maintenance-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost savings

Videos: EnOcean technology for green and intelligent buildings

Part 1: Why wireless & batteryless?

Part 2: EnOcean technology

Part 3: Installation of EnOcean Devices

Part 4: Wireless range planning

Selected case studies

ADAC Headquarters (Germany)

Energy Saving Hotels Hawaii (USA)

Taimadera Buddhist Temple (Japan)

Vossloh-Schwabe Office Shanghai (China)