Patented EnOcean energy harvesting wireless sensor solution is able to generate a signal of astonishing range from an extremely small amount of energy. From just 50 μWs a standard EnOcean energy harvesting wireless module can easily transmit a signal 30 meters (in-doors). The secret lies in the signal duration - the entire process is started, executed and completed in no more than a thousandth of a second. Via gateways, EnOcean wireless solutions communicate with all major wired bus systems such as KNX, LON, DALI, BACnet or TCP/IP.

EnOcean Architecture: Wireless Sensor Solutions powered by Ambient Energy

High reliability of wireless transmission

Reliable wireless transmission in systems with many sensors - the extremely short telegrams of EnOcean wireless modules enable operation of a large number of transmitters all in the same cell. Any error rate caused by telegram collisions remains extremely low. Ex-pressed in statistics, transmission reliability is still better than 99.99% for 100 wireless sensors each transmitting their data once a minute. In other words, even large office buildings or extensive industrial plants can be equipped with high numbers of EnOcean sensors, and all operating simultaneously.

Wireless Standard for Building Automation and Smart Homes (ISO/IEC 14543.3.1x)

High reliability
  • Use of regulated frequency ranges with highest air time availability (approved for pulsed signals only)
    - 868 MHz according to RED regulations
    - 902 MHz according to FCC/IC-specification
    - 928 MHz according to ARIB specification
  • Multiple telegram transmission with checksum
  • Short telegrams (approx. 1 ms) for little collision probability enabling a large number of EnOcean sensors operating in a system
  • Long range: up to 30 meters in buildings and 300 meters in free field
  • Repeater available for range extension
  • One-way and bidirectional communication
  • Enhanced data security with rolling code and 128 AES encryption
  • No interference with DECT, WLAN, PMR systems, etc
  • System design verified in industrial environment
Ultra-low power
  • High data transmission rate of 125 kbit/s
  • Small data overhead
  • ASK and FSK modulation
  • Based on international standards
  • Unified application profiles (EnOcean Equipment Profiles, EEP)
  • Unique transmission ID (32 bits)
  • Unique transmission ID (32 bits)

Radio Approval of EnOcean Modules

RED (The European Radio Equipment Directive)

Safety - Human Health